WIN a Tromp- L’oeil.

Wayne Harrison will be airbrushing during the show…. pop your details in the box located at his stand and you could be the lucky winner of one of his amazing pieces.

Wayne Harrison has been airbrushing for over 35 years. His artworks have won awards in both USA and Australia, particularly for Top Graphics and Airbrush Art (murals) throughout the automotive shows around Australia eg. Auto Salon, Motorex Summernats and many others, one of his styles includes Trompe-l’œil ((\trȯmp-ˈlə-ē, trōⁿp-ˈlœi\) ) is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions


Western Sydney Woodturners
Join in on the fun at the Western Sydney Woodturners area, located opposite the café, watch these workers turn and create with passion. Currently the club has over 150 men and women, who enjoy the hobby of woodturning.


I lost my mind in the labyrinth and found my heart. 

Mark has made hundreds of Labyrinths and expresses himself fully as a Horticulturalist, Landscaper, Builder, Group Facilitator and Artist in the labyrinth. His passion for designing and creating Labyrinths started over  20 years ago. He has trained with two world leaders in Labyrinth facilitation and building: Dr Lauren Artress and Robert Ferre. He has led many retreats where the labyrinth is the centre of the ceremonial and ritual space. 

Mark will be installing one of his Labyrinths at the Sydney Gardening Show so don’t miss out on stopping by and speaking with him.