Timetable: Friday September 15th

Please note Costa isn’t appearing on Friday

Garden Inspiration Theatre
10.30 Jason Salmon
Identifying and controlling weeds in the home garden
11.30 Michael McCoy
SWOT your garden!
12.30 Phil Dudman
Beat the bugs
1.30 Toni Salter
How to grow edible flowers
2.30 Michael McCoy
Dreaming gardens
3.30 Paul Plant
Tropical garden ideas for the Sydney garden
Ask It, Solve It
11.00 Judy Horton/Toni Salter
The home orchard
12.00 Jason Salmon/Paul Plant
Open panel session – bring your questions
1.00 Michael McCoy/Paul Plant
Zoning with plants
2.00 Judy Horton/Paul Plant
Open panel session – bring your questions
3.00 Toni Salter/Jason Salmon
What’s wrong with my veggies

Timetable : Growers N Things Every day

Growers N Things – Every day
10.30am SCRAP Ltd
Worm farming from A to Z
11.15am Ikebana
Demonstrating Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging
12.00pm Fruit Salad Tree
Shows you how to grow 3 different fruits on the tree
12.45pm Earthlife
Get your plants rocking with rock minerals
1.30pm Power Planter
The new easy way to dig your garden without breaking a sweat
2.15pm OCP
Organic ways to control pests, diseases and weeds
3.00pm EverEdge
Demonstrating all the ways to install your flexible garden edging